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Yes, some of our products do contain a safe preservative system. This is required to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mould when the product has got water as water is required for them to grow. So, where water is present in our formulations, we use safe and gentle preservatives. Wherever possible we also use innovative packaging and some waterless formulations to minimise the preservatives required.
There are many reasons to choose EREMA BOTANICS products! First and foremost, coming from an experienced mother who knew what interrupted sleep was and waking up every morning weary because; every night was a battle to soothe her son from the tearing and scratching of his skin due to Eczema, and want to share her creation to the world. Our products are formulated by highly skilled specialists at EREMA BOTANICS HQ using transformative naturally effective extracts to deliver unrivalled results for delicate and sensitive skin. We then make our products fresh every day in our Product Kitchen, to ensure you're using them while they're fresh and at their most effective. We are also an ethical brand with an Infinite Purpose to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world. Each time you shop with us, you are driving change beyond beauty with a whole host of different initiatives. ​ At EREMA BOTANICS, we want it to be crystal clear. Our passion for pure, clean ingredients and transparency in our labelling leaves no room for unwanted ingredients. We strive to be fragrance-free for delicate skin. We want our passion for the environment to shine and are committed to making environmentally and sustainably positive choices. ​ We use only natural and cold pressed ingredients to provide optimal nourishment and repair. Our products are made fresh, in small batches and some of our products are packaged in Miron Glass to improve the shelf life and preserve their active botanical properties. The percentage of active ingredients we use is always sufficient to have a therapeutic benefit. And our processing methods ensure that the active nutrient (vital life-force) of the plant isn't destroyed by heating or over- processing. ​ At EREMA BOTANICS, we want to share with you the knowledge and wisdom that has passed through the generations. That is why we blend at least one indigenous African ingredient into our formulations. Providing you with Africa’s natural, luscious treasures in your own home. It takes a village to raise a child, and at Rems Botanics we want to be part of your village. We are committed to strengthening and empowering Mothers. By actively listening to you, we can support, share knowledge, connect you with eczema experts and form a community that promotes the well-being of each other. We want to take our village a step further and have created a charity that gives back to our community in Africa. Not only will our products transform your beauty routine, but they will also transform lives, and we think that's pretty cool.
Yes! We never test on animals and do not use ingredients manufactured by companies that commission animal testing as we believe that our products should be cruelty free.
The entire EREMA BOTANICS range are suitable for use even for those with skin sensitivities. However, anyone with a chronic illness or pregnant should consult their medical practitioner before use.
We don't currently offer gift vouchers but improving our customers' shopping experience is something we're always working on. For other gift ideas, our collections make for unique gifts to delight your loved ones. From a tailored skincare routine with our Skincare Selection, there's truly something for every gifting occasion.
We approach the procurement of raw materials with careful consideration to environmental and social practices. When it comes to the plant-derived ingredients that are used in some of our products, we only work with suppliers that place an important focus on biodiversity conservation, careful use of natural resources (we do not source from plants with a high risk of extinction) and who minimise environmental pollution. We ensure that suppliers participate in fair-trade efforts and fairly support the farmers that cultivate the raw materials, in addition to supporting the local communities, beyond the harvests.
Each EREMA BOTANICS product comes with How to Enjoy instructions, you can also find these instructions on each of our product web pages.
EREMA BOTANICS HQ is based in Ashford, Kent. All elements of our business from our lab, Product Kitchen and Ingredients Store to our office, packing and dispatch teams, all operate here under one roof.
You can either purchase products right here on our website or you can shop with your Ambassador online too, by simply entering their name at the checkout.
Natural skincare means that products contain ingredients which are predominantly of natural origin. It can be a difficult to define term and can sometimes be used in unethical ways. It's important to note that just because a product claims to be natural, it may not be 100% natural, and may still contain some less-than-ideal ingredients. It's also important to note that just because an ingredient is natural, doesn't mean it's safe - after all. ​ To us, natural skincare means that we have enriched our products with safe, premium, naturally effective ingredients wherever possible, without ever compromising on results. We say our ingredients are 'naturally derived', as typically 'natural' ingredients are raw, unmodified ingredients as they are produced by nature, such as flowers. Naturally derived ingredients have been through a process, such as distilling essential oils from flowers, which means they aren't how nature grew them. ​ Most importantly, all of our ingredients are displayed in plain English (as well as the traditional Latin INCI) both on our products and website, so it's easy to read what you're applying to your skin. If you would like to read more on how to understand what's in your products check on our ingredient page.
To become EREMA BOTANICS Ambassador, all you need is a passion for beauty and to find out more about how to join simply contact us on or our contact page

Although nut oils and butters are not classed as an allergen in regard to skincare, we are aware of the concerns about these ingredients and reactions on the skin and would always recommend a patch test if you’re unsure about your skin’s reaction.

We list all our ingredients in plain English on the product packaging and on our website, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. While usually the processing of the raw nut to an oil or butter removes the proteins associated with an ingested allergy, we recommend those with a severe nut allergy to avoid those products with nut derivatives listed in the ingredients list, especially those with Macadamia, Tamanu or Shea. These oils and butters are what we refer to as “cold press” oils.

Whilst we make every attempt to ensure that the labelling of our products lists all of the ingredients used, our products are manufactured in an environment containing nuts, nut oils and nut derived ingredients.

Yes, all 'secondary' packaging (wraps and boxes) is fully recyclable, and the majority of our 'primary' packaging (bottles, jars) is recyclable too. However, each local government council has different recycling abilities, so it's worth checking in with them about which materials are recyclable in your local area. We're always working towards our packaging becoming more environmentally friendly.
Everyone's skin is unique, so the products that suit you are unique too. We believe that the plants and fruits that grow in tropical climates, with a generous helping of sunshine, are the most nutritious for your skin, as they are abundant in minerals and vitamins. We pack many exotic natural extracts into our products, as mother nature usually offers the most nutritious, skin-loving option. Sometimes, this is not the case, such as when ingredients can't be sourced sustainably, so we do occasionally use nature identical
AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids) are chemical exfoliators which slough away dead skin cells with various penetration levels. AHAs gently remove skin cells from the outermost layer of our skin, tackling dark marks, blemishes, texture/fine lines and dull skin. BHAs penetrate deeper into the pores and are great for tackling acne, blemishes, excessive oil secretion and inflamed breakouts, without stripping or causing discomfort to the skin. ​ AHA and BHAs can be used daily, depending on the formulation and concentration of the product. Our Fruit Peel serum includes both AHAs and BHAs for optimum results and due to its concentration, shouldn’t be used every day. This can be used up to 3 times a week, every other evening, depending on your skin's needs. As the new skin revealed is particularly photosensitive, it’s important to always follow up with an SPF every day. Find out more in our ingredient list page
When you see one of our products labelled ‘COSMOS Certified Organic’ it’s a trust guarantee letting you know that the product you’re looking at is (you guessed it) entirely organic! The COSMOS standard is managed by a not-for-profit international and independent association that operates all over the world and is the gold standard when it comes to creating products that are as kind as possible to skin and the planet.
As everyone's levels of sensitivity are unique, we recommend a patch test before using our products if you have particularly sensitive skin.
EREMA BOTANICS is not dermatologically tested, and dermatologist testing is not a regulated requirement within skincare/cosmetics. There is also no standard testing, so this can vary greatly when carried out.
We choose not to offer discount codes in tandem with external organisations so that we can take treating into our own hands. You'll often find promotions, special offers and sales popping up on our website or social media for everyone to enjoy, which may use discount codes of our own.
You will receive an email to confirm when your item has been sent. You can also check the status of your order and individual items by accessing My Account details and following the prompts. Please allow 10 working days from dispatch of your order before notifying us of any late deliveries.
Please see our Returns Policy for information.
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