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Meet Winifred.

I’m lucky enough to be a mum to three beautiful children, a happy wife, and a green entrepreneur. We live in Kent, known as the Garden of England, and I grew up in Nigeria, before moving to the UK when I was 15 years old.

Like many new mothers, when my son was born, I had a challenging time. He suffered from eczema, and I tried countless products to try and help soothe and comfort his dry, irritated skin. Unfortunately, nothing worked, and we had a lot of upset and sleepless nights before realising that the only solution was to do something about it myself. That’s when I decided to develop my own natural holistic skincare line.

Despite juggling being a mum alongside a career in housing accountancy, I pursued my studies at the leading accredited online organics cosmetic science school to become a beauty formulator. I’m also in the final stages of becoming a qualified Cosmetic Chemist.

My innate love for nature, and a childhood spent growing some of the glorious herbs of Western Africa on our own family farm, is what gave me the foresight to blend these ancient herbs with my new-found scientific knowledge.

For years, I helped my grandma to sell herbal extracts that were used throughout the community to care for all sorts of ailments and skin wounds.

From this stemmed my passion, and from my son’s skin condition, stemmed my mission:

To craft a safe, sustainable, and effective product line.

It needed to be ethical, natural, and super-effective in hydrating and revitalising damaged skin, not just for my own children, but for all of those people who suffer from dry skin conditions such as eczema.

Finally, with Erema Botanics, I’ve created a beautiful range of products that really work.

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Why are we called
Erema Botanics?

EREMA is an African word, and the name of my lovely son. As he was the inspiration behind the brand, it felt like the perfect name to choose.

In OKO (an African language from Nigeria), the word EREMA is associated with lushness, opulence, blossoming, wellbeing, and luxury. All words that perfectly fit with what we’re all about.


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