Skin Care and Beauty Collection

Welcome to our opulent skincare and beauty range, where elegance meets functionality.

Discover a world of transforming products designed with the utmost care to enhance natural beauty and skin health.

Our collection includes a carefully curated range of essential skincare products. Each of these is meant to give exceptional results. We provide a wide range of products for all skin types and concerns, from cleansers and toners that cleanse and refresh to serums and moisturisers that deeply nourish and hydrate.

Enjoy the revitalising power of our anti-ageing therapies. It contains potent ingredients that smooth fine lines, boost collagen synthesis, and restore a young glow.

Delicate Skin Collection

Our Delicate Skin Collection is a carefully curated selection of products designed to cater to sensitive and delicate skin needs. We understand that delicate skin requires extra care and gentleness, so we have crafted a collection that nurtures and soothes without compromising efficacy.

Our collection includes detox bath soap, hydrating body creams, overnight repair creams, etc. Enjoy our organic and hypoallergenic products, made with few ingredients to limit the risk of irritation.

Spa Collection

Our spa skincare collection mixes elegance and relaxation to provide a spa-like experience in the privacy of your own home. Step into a world of rest and relaxation as we provide a carefully curated range of spa-inspired goods.

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of our spa collection, which stimulates your senses and provides a holistic approach to self-care. Each product is meticulously developed to treat your body and nourish your soul, from aromatic bath salts and delicious body scrubs to beautiful massage oils and renewing face masks.

Mums Collection

Are you also looking ahead to celebrate your motherhood with natural skincare for sensitive skin? We understand moms’ unique requirements and have curated a collection to support and pamper them during this beautiful time.

Enjoy our gentle skincare line, developed to address typical pregnancy issues. Our line includes nourishing body oils and creams that will soothe and moisturise your changing skin, enhance suppleness, and reduce stretch marks.

Men Skincare

Our men’s skincare collection includes products specifically formulated for men’s skin to provide optimal care and nourishment. Each product, from cleansers and moisturisers to specialised treatments, is designed to create a healthy, balanced complexion and enhance your skin’s resilience.

Our products are designed to capture Africa’s natural treasures in every bottle we offer. It helps regain a youthful appearance and reduces the signs of ageing.


Yetunde Ola
June 2, 2023
This All purpose overnight Repair balm it’s really good and does wonders on my skin, it’s has removed all the blemishes on my face and soothed my skin...More
This All purpose overnight Repair balm it’s really good and does wonders on my skin, it’s has removed all the blemishes on my face and soothed my skin smoothly and soft. I also use it to remove my makeup after washing for complete cleanup.
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