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This simple body butter formulation is a rich, nourishing and moisturising anhydrous formula containing precious oils and butters. The skin feel is creamy and pleasant, and it offers a sufficient occlusive effect to help the skin retain its natural moisture. 

Exotic cupuacu, mango and cocoa butters add texture while the carrier oil sea buckthorn, even at a very low percentage, gives it a beautiful light orange tint and the benefits of fat-soluble vitamins and carotenoids.

We chose a combination of citrus essential oils that offer both a floral note (with the neroli) as well as a typical zesty scent. If you live in a hot climate, you may wish to increase the butter and even the wax content to prevent your body butter melting and becoming unstable.



Cupuacu butter        15.00%

Cocoa butter             10.00%

Mango butter            30.00%

Bees wax                    2.00%

Jojoba oil                            20.00%

Plum seed oil                    10.00%

Sea buckthorn oil             1.00%

Coco caprylate/caprate   6.00%



Vitamin E                               1.00%

Mandarin essential oIL        0.80%

Bergamot essential oil         0.10%

Neroli essential oil                0.10%

Arrowroot powder              4.00%

TOTAL        100%


Prepare your workspace

Sterilise your utensils and working place.


Weigh out all your ingredients, putting them in a separate beaker according to the phases A, B, C, D.

Phase A

Melt phase A ingredients (butters and wax) in a water bath or over a bain-marie until just melted.

Phase B

Slowly add phase B oils into melted butters and mix gently. By this gradual addition of ingredients, we reduce the need to heat the more heat-sensitive botanical oil ingredients at the start. 

Cooling and Phase C

Start cooling down your blend in a cold-water bath. When under 40 degrees, add phase C ingredients.

Stir to a trace

Continue stirring gently in cold/ice water bath until an opaque / milky blend is observed. This stage of mixing is sometimes called a “trace “. This is the point when the oils, butters and waxes are completely mixed and there is a low risk of separation of these ingredients in the final product. The trace consistency minimises the chance of your body butter having lumps, grains, and other colour or structural inconsistencies.


Start whipping your mixture until fluffy. See our formulation tips below on how to whip the butter. If you don’t wish to create a whipped body butter, continue to point 8 below. 

Phase D

Mix in phase D properly.

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