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Expert Natural Cosmetics Formulation & Consultancy Service

From a vision to creating your dream formula, partner with Erema Botanics to help you realise your natural product dream formula. From skincare to haircare and makeup products, we can create almost anything using our extensive library of ingredients
We offer different formulating services to meet your needs including a consulting service for fixing formulating problems, a new formula service for creating new cosmetic formulas from scratch, monthly subscriptions into our advanced formulas or our list of high-end stock formulas will help you save the most money while still launching quality products for your audience.
These services include only theoretical work with formula and does not include the production of samples or physical product. If samples are needed, discuss with us and we will provide you quote for the service according to your need.

Our Service

New Formulation Design

Let us design the concept and formulation of your natural
and organic cosmetics to deliver a stunning product for
your range

Formulation Review

Do you have your formulation ready but having second thoughts?
New Formulation Design
New Formulation Design

Ingredient Consultation

Are you struggling to find the right ingredients for your natural and organic beauty products? We can help you

Stock formulas

We offer stock formulas for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to launch their own beauty brand based on their needs, contact us to discuss .

Our Formulas can be

  • Organic & All Natural
  • Veagn or Plant-Based
  • Cruelty Free
  • COSMOS Approved
  • Colour Cosmetics
  • Fragnance or Essential Oil
  • Unscented Products

Our Free Formula
Blog Collection

At Erema Botanics, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers with all the knowledge and resources they need to create effective beauty products. Whether you are brand-new to the industry, you want to expand your product line, or you need a special something for an upcoming launch, you can count on us to deliver.


We know it can be a huge amount of work to come up with your own formulas from scratch, which is why we have an extensive library of cosmetic formulas for you to use! These are our signature, time-tested formulas that are easily outlined with all the ingredients you need, as well as directions on how to make them and ingredient benefits when you subscribe to our monthly advanced formula library. If you’ve been searching for free beauty formulas and recipes online, then you’re in the right place.


We Offer advance monthly formulation subscriptions

Meet the Team

Connect with us and be in the know for the latest news and promotions!

New Formulation Design
New Formulation Design
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